Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today's Weigh In

I didn't get to weigh in yesterday because I got sick less than an hour after I got to work.  Let's just say I was not in any condition to weigh myself.  I did weigh in today, though.  I'm at 200.1 which is up .4 from Thursday.  I'm still pretty happy with the fact that I'm so close to being permanently below 200.  :-)  I'm really liking the way my clothes are getting too big on me. I can't wait until I can go buy new clothes in a smaller size!!!  I've been wearing 18W-20W for far too long

The weather here in North Texas is extremely cold and icy today.  I work for an electric company, so I had to go to work while most people stayed home in their nice toasty beds or in front of their fireplaces drinking hot chocolate.  :-P  Management graciously provided lunch for those of us who showed up.  Unfortunately, I'm really paying for it!  We had chili (mostly grease) with all the fixins, rolls, and crackers.  It tasted pretty good going down, but man, oh man... the heartburn, bloating, and gas were just not worth it!  I had rice for dinner because my stomach felt SO bad.  Tomorrow I'm going back to eating better no matter what they try to feed us!

I hope everyone has a good night.  I'm going to hit the Maalox bottle again!


  1. Oatmteal for breakfast sandwich for lunch and progreso ight soup for dinner no fried or spicey food

  2. That sounds like a great way to lose some weight. :-) I have to get some groceries in the next couple of days. I'll check out the soups. Now is a great time of year for that.