Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pumpkin Pie... Yummy!

I must really love my family.  I made this pumpkin pie for my family for Thanksgiving.  It smells really good.  I LOVE pumpkin pie, but I won't be eating any this year.  My friend Ellen found a "pumpkin fluff" recipe for me.  I'll be trying it tomorrow.  I'll report how it tastes sometime this weekend.  :-)

Gary and I are making our first Thanksgiving dinner.  We usually have dinner with each of our families, but this year we're having one of our dinners at home.  The turkey is thawed and I will be getting up bright and early to put it in the oven.  I'll be using Claire Robinson's recipe from her 5 Ingredient Fix show.  Here's a link.  Wish me luck cooking my first turkey!

Good night everyone!

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